All Beaches in Mauritius

Explore all the best beaches in Mauritius  and find the beaches close to hotels. Discover the most beautiful beach when you travel to Mauritius and where to spend your honeymoon and find out why Mauritius is famous (outside the dodo & the underwater waterfall). Explore from the North to the South, the famous beaches and the most beautiful of the islands. If the white sand of Belle Mare on the east is your favourite, why not explore hidden hideaways like Butte a l’herbe. If some prefer to bask on the beach of Mont Choisy, others like more the landscapes of Pointe aux Piments, with its small creeks studded with rocks along the coast, ideal for snorkeling, especially up to Balaclave . Trou aux Biches beach wins all the hearts with the coconut trees and the white sand beach. It is an excellent place to see sea turtles. Climatewise, less exposed to the wind, the north coast is little affected by the rain and the temperatures there are among the warmest throughout year.

The best beaches of Mauritius are :


The east, after the south, is the region that has retained its former aspect. The climate is pleasant all summer thanks to the light sea breeze which tempers the strong heat. During the winter, the coastline may be subject to cooler winds. Belle Mare beach is the preferred destination for many tourist and locals.

More protected from the tourist affluence than the North coast, the West Coast still has a good number of beaches Flic en flac beach is without a doubt the most popular beach, but smaller beaches like Albion or La Preneuse are equally stunning. For the climate, this region being protected from the prevailing winds all the year, the temperatures there are noticeably warmer than on the other parts of the island, except, perhaps, the North coast.

Finally, the south regions of Mauritius are rich in history, the villages that follow one another along the coastal road did not develop like the other cities of the country. Between plantations, forests and vast lagoons little frequented, the South is far from the seaside pretensions of the North. Stop at Blue Bay beach near the airport and have a dip in the National marine park.

Explore all the beaches through our Mauritius beach photos and some Mauritius Travel tips. We are soon to update the list with the best beaches for snorkeling in Mauritius


Beaches on the West Coast of  Mauritius