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When is the best time to visit Mauritius? This is the most common question we received all year round. Straight up answer – Between November & May – April and May maybe the best in terms of flights/hotel prices/temperature/non-cyclone season

Whatever time of the year you visit, Mauritius’ weather is sure to put on a show! Mauritius offers year-round holiday weather, with almost daily sunshine and limited rainfall, so you’re almost guaranteed sunny days on your holiday.


The myth:  When is the rainy season in Mauritius? NO RAINY SEASON IN MAURITIUS


Being a sub-tropical island, we do not have monsoon or rainy season. In summer, it can rain heavily in the afternoon due to the built up of humidity. Another culprit are the cyclones that can affect the weather between December to March. So it’s always good to plan accordingly. This Live weather on the right is one of the most accurate going around.


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Whats the season like ?

For starters, Summer is between November to March and Winter is between June – August


Summer is the warmest of the year with an average overnight temperature of 25 degrees and a daytime temperature average of 30 degrees. Traditionally it’s a very busy period for locals and visitors alike, with swimming, barbecues and water activities proving to be a popular pastime. Summer maximum can reach as high as 34 degrees with an average of 80% humidity, so please be prepared.  It is the high season for cyclones, with weather anomalies mostly appearing at this period of the year. Summer rain, most of the time going for an hour or two in the afternoon is quite normal but expect them. Summer in Mauritius is when the most visitors come, so expect a crowd at popular beaches. Summer in the Indian ocean is also the cyclonic season. It can happen that cyclones end up ruining some of your days, but they normally hang around for a few days. The live weather chart will give a very good indication of the trajectory, so you can take inform decisions before travelling.


Autumn is the season that provides a transition from hot summer days to balmy blue skies with little wind and stunning days. It is often the most popular time of the year for visiting as a result. This will ideally be between April and May. You will enjoy perfect fishing weather, clear water and we’d say it’s the ideal time for a family holiday and honeymoon, and on top of the list, no cyclones.


It has to be said that winter in Mauritius is very mild, with an average of 22C to 25Oc along the coast with temperatures seldom going below 18 °C. That being said, the high humidity levels can sometimes make the nights feel chillier than they actually are. Winter in Mauritius is like summer in England 🙂 or better. That’s what they say ! A great time for hiking and camping with waterfalls at their peak.  However, this is the whale season in full swing and they travel along the west and north coast. Best season to see the whales in Mauritius. It can become windy to very windy along the South East and South coast with wind speeds averaging 27 kilometres/hour, making it a mecca for kitesurfers. Regular and powerful waves from the South make it one of the best surfing holiday of the year. Waves reaching 6m high are often seen at the world renown spot of One Eye at le Morne. Many kite surfers and wind surfers return annually to Le Morne for the flat shallow waters in the protected lagoon with plenty of wind. With calm shallow water extending our several hundred metres, Mauritius is perfect for the novice trying to learn to windsurf or kite surf in a warm tropical weather.


During the winter season, Mauritius is the perfect paradise for sailing and wind sport enthusiast.


Escaping the winter winds comes “spring”. Still windy in early September, the weather is sure to get better day by day with the average daytime temperature rising to an average 26 degrees. This period is notoriously dry and with low humidity.

Mauritius in January

Festive mood | Beach weather | Avg 26 deg

With plenty of sunshine, the average temperature in January is of 26 °C. This means that it is the ideal period to come to Mauritius for a tan. The beginning of the year is usually a busy time in Mauritius, and people are in a festive mood. Like most of summer in Mauritius, January has its fair share of hot rainy days. There is a possibility of cyclone formation in the Indian Ocean during this period. Hotels are running at full capacity and booking is advised prior travelling for most activities.

Festivals : Chinese New Year 

Mauritius in May

Warm tropical winter  | Cool summer nights  |  Avg 23 deg

May is one of the best months to visit Mauritius. It is the start of winter, but the temperature doesn’t go lower than 20 °C. The rainy days usually stop and there are longer hours of sunshine during the month. Come in May is you want to maximise your tanning, and avoid the cyclone season. The lower chance of rainfall means that you can plan inland camping trips. Cool summer nights in Mauritius are a thing to experience!

Festivals: Eid Ul Fitr

Mauritius in September

Perfect season for windsurf & kitesurf | Warm days |  Avg 21 deg

September has the same climate as August, and is equally comfortable. It is usually a time when there are a lot of cultural events in Mauritius. Watch out for concerts in places such as the Chateau Labourdonnais in the North of the island. Swimming with dolphins and whale watching are also great activities to do during this month.

Mauritius in February

Ideal month for a quiet holiday  | Beach weather| Avg 26 deg

We’re still in summer and you can have amazing fun with aquatic activities. Temperatures range from 24 to 34 °C. Snorkelling, and diving around the island during this period is a must. February is low season for windsurfing, so if you want more chilled out windsurf sessions, it’s the perfect time to go to Le Morne. Expect bouts of rain. February is still in cyclone season.

Festivals : Abolition of Slavery ; Cavadee ; Maha Shivaratree

Mauritius in June

Warm tropical winter  |  Humpback whale watching  |  Avg 22 deg

We are officially in winter. The good news is, in Mauritius winter is sunny and still warm during the day. At night it can get quite chilly because of the high humidity levels, especially at higher altitudes (centre of the island). If you’re on the coast, you can still enjoy sunny days at the beach. In the end of June, it tends to get quite windy on the eastern and south-eastern coasts. Le Morne and Belle Mare lagoon are amazing windsurfing spots during this period.

Mauritius in October

Driest month  |  Avg 23 deg

October is a dry month. The climate gradually shifts from winter to summer, and the humidity levels decrease. This means that the sun begins to be scorching again, and we recommend that you start slathering a fair amount of sunscreen if you’re going to spend long hours outside during the day. It is the last month before cyclone season, so it’s the ideal time to engage in land and aquatic activities.

Mauritius in March

Ideal month for a quiet holiday |  Beach weather  | Avg 26 deg

Temperatures start to drop slightly, and summer continues. Temperatures can vary from 23°C to 34°C. March is the month during which we celebrate our Independence Day. Considered off-peak season for tourism, this month is ideal for travellers who want to have more of a quiet holiday at the beaches, or discovering the mountains and gorges inland.

Festivals; Holi ; Independance Day ; Ugaadi

Mauritius in July

Warm tropical winter   |

 Avg 21 deg

July has fewer rainfall days, and the temperatures during the day stay relatively high at an average of 21 °C. It is among the best months for kitesurfing and windsurfing, especially on the east coast. It gets colder at night, especially on the higher plateaus, so better be prepared if you’re going to spend long hours out and about at night.

Mauritius in November

Summer Starting  |

Avg 24 deg

We enter summer, and also the start of the cyclonic season. There is low risk of Mauritius being impacted by a cyclone in the beginning of November. If you don’t want to spend time tracking tropical cyclone trends to book your stay, your best bet is to come before mid-November. You can enjoy the start of a fully tropical summer with pleasurable hot and humid days. You definitely want to be at the beach during November. Don’t go easy on the sunscreen!

Mauritius in April

Best Travel Time | Avg 24 deg

April is a transitional month. Temperatures continue decreasing, but the lowest it usually gets is 22 °C and the warmest is 32 °C. With fewer rainy days, end of April announces the end of wet season, and the probability of a cyclone formation drastically drops. It is a perfect time to enjoy the end of summer in Mauritius. It is an ideal time to visit Ile des Deux Cocos for the best snorkeling around the island.

Mauritius in August

Perfect season for windsurf & kitesurf |   Avg 21 deg

Visiting Mauritius in August is great, because winter settles in and the climate stays constant. There is no shift in the humidity levels, which make days and nights a bit smoother. It is the beginning of peak period for kitesurfing and windsurfing. We also recommend trips to inland waterfalls and rivers. It is also the start of humpback whale watching season in August.

fastivals: Ganesh Chaturthi

Mauritius in December

Summer Love | Festive season  |  Avg 25 deg

December is a fully festive month, with Christmas and New Year’s Eve making people ever more cheerful. The weather is hot, and the beach is the place to be during this month. There are often intermittent rains, and temperatures seldom go below 23 °C. Most of the days are sun-drenched. It is a great time to visit the surrounding islets of Mauritius, and to book a trip to swim with dolphins on the west coast.

What’s the weather like in Mauritius !


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Sat, Jan 25, 2020

No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.

No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.


Ninth and last cyclone bulletin for Mauritius issued at 0410 hours on Saturday 25 January 2020.


Radar observations indicate that the moderate tropical storm DIANE has already passed its closest distance from Mauritius, at about 40 km to the north of Cap Malheureux.


At 0400 hours, the moderate tropical storm DIANE was centred at about 55 km to the north-east of Mauritius in latitude 19.8 degrees south and longitude 58.2 degrees east.


Wind and pressure observed over Mauritius confirm that the moderate tropical storm has started to move away from the island.


It maintains an east-south-easterly movement at a speed of about 25 km/h.


On this trajectory, the risk of having gusts of the order of 100 km/h has considerably decreased. Consequently, the cyclone warning for Mauritius has been waived.


No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.


Cloud bands associated with the moderate tropical storm will continue to influence weather over Mauritius during the day.

Weather in Mauritius will be rather cloudy with passing showers, which may be moderate at times.


Wind will blow from the south at 25 to 35 km/h and gusts may reach 70 km/h in places.


The sea will be very rough with swells.

It is strongly advised not to venture at sea.


No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.

No cyclone warning is in force in Mauritius.


This is the last cyclone bulletin for Mauritius.