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Dear friends/travellers,


Welcome to Mauritius Island, welcome to the place I call home.

Running Mauritius Explored has been a job packed with bucket list moments: swimming with the dolphins, scuba dive with sharks, swimming with whales, explore the 7 waterfalls (actually over 10 waterfalls) or even fly in a helicopter, not to mentioned the many nights on hotels. I have discovered and explored many places I didn’t know existed and met many people along the way.

Mauritius is an  island so extraordinary it’s almost unbelievable. I have devoted this website to providing ALL INFORMATION on the best beaches, best snorkeling spots and other cool places to visit. I want my passion to connect people and I want you to travel through my visual content. It’s the journey and experience. I have photographed the best places, from the most popular to those “no one visits” and gave all information that needs to be on your radar. Discover the best of  Mauritius through my eyes  #mauritiusexplored


A tres bientot,