Visit by season!

Whatever time of the year you visit, Mauritius’ seasons are sure to put on a show! Mauritius offers year-round holiday weather, with almost daily sunshine and limited rainfall, so you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day on your holiday. Winter months tend to be a little cooler, with temperatures ranging from high teens through to the late twenties between June and August. During the winter season, Mauritius is the perfect paradise for sailing and wind sport enthusiast with wind speeds averaging 27 kilometres/hour, especially in the east and south coast. Many kite boarders and wind surfers return annually to Le Morne for the flat shallow waters in the protected lagoon with plenty of wind. With calm shallow water extending our several hundred metres, Mauritius is perfect for the novice trying to learn to windsurf or kite surf

September through November are warmer months but everyone are kept cool by the welcome breezes. December through March tend to be the hottest months which makes swimming and ocean activities so refreshing.

December – February

A warm time of the year with an average overnight temperature of 25oC and a daytime temperature average of 30oC. Traditionally it’s a very busy period for locals and visitors alike, with swimming, barbecues and water activities proving to be a popular pastimes. Summer maximum can reach as high as 33 to 35oC with an average of 80% humidity, so please be prepared.  It is the high season for cyclones, with cyclones mostly coming at this period of the year. Summer rain, most of the time going for an afternoon is quite normal but expect a few of them during this period.

March – May

This is the season that provides a transition from hot summer days to balmy blue skies with little wind and stunning days. It is often the most popular time of the year for visiting as a result. You will enjoy perfect fishing weather, clear water and we’d say it’s the ideal time for a family holiday and honeymoon.

June – August

Winter days can be sometime miserable with an average of 22oC. Mostly cloudy and consecutive rainy days. A great time for hiking and camping with waterfalls at their peak.  However, this is the whale season in full swing and they are along the west and north coast. Best season to see them. It is very windy along the east and south coast making it a mecca for kitesurfers. Regular waves from the south make it one of the best surfing holiday of the year. Waves reaching 6m high are often seen at the world renown spot of One Eye at le Morne.

September – November

Escaping the winter winds comes spring. Still windy in early September, the weather is sure to get better day by day with the average daytime temperature rising to an average 26oC. This period is notoriously dry and with low humidity.

What’s the weather like by season in Mauritius !