Bonzour mo ban kamrade ! Tou korek? Welcome to Mauritius or Ile Maurice in French, Indian Ocean sunniest destination and an unspoilt, beach lover’s paradise that combines excellent urban experiences and natural activity options. Sapphire blue ocean, porcelain white sand beaches, and one of the most spectacular coastlines in the world. And all this is just waiting to be explored. Visit Indian Ocean Sunniest Capital and experience more than just amazing sunsets over the ocean. Mauritius is a favourite destination among honeymooners. Swim in one of the 50 white sand beaches and relax in one of the world’s best hotels. There are a number of hotels, from top luxury hotels to family budget. If you’re into photography or just an Instagram we listed ” the most iconic Instagram places to visit.

Mauritius have so much more to offer than Maldives or Seychelles. There are so many activities to do on the island, like hiking, zipline or mountain climbing. The most famous being Le Morne mountain. Check our top 10 activities btw ! Rent a car or travel by taxi, visit the island and don’t miss a spot. Check out the road trip along the south we wrote.  We also listed everything to know in our blogs. So plan your holidays in Mauritius

Regularly ranked in the top 10 world best destination, Mauritius is where you can watch an ocean sunset and sunrise (from le Pouce mountain you can see both) and never get bored with it. There are direct flights from Australia and Europe and a few African cities and Singapore and money connecting flights from major cities around the world.

Important info about Mauritius 

Visa – Most countries are not required (90day holiday stay) Other purpose of visit please visit here

Currency – Mauritian Rupees (MUR) [ US$1 – Rp35]

Capital – Port-Louis

Language – English (official) French , Kreole

Driving rules – Left side

International licence – You can drive on a valid licence from your country of origin

Calling Code – 230

Police emergency  – 000

Map of Mauritius Island

Where are the best beaches?

This is the most common question and we will not go in details into all the beaches. You can find the complete list here, but we put a list of our top ten:

Some less known beaches where you are guaranteed to see nobody but your shadow

Some known and not-known places!

Places you would like to see, well I will list the most visited places and give you other places you might want to checkout.

A good way to discover the south is a road trip : Road trip along the south coast. Many more places you can visit are found here!

What best to do in Mauritius 

So you are now looking to visit Mauritius and would like to prepare your trip ! I got you covered. Below is a list of activities that might interest you or check our Top 10 Activities . I put them in order of awesomeness and must do. You can click on the links for more details:


  • Dolphin cruise/Swim
  • Whale watching – Sperm whales cruise along the west coast all year round but come closer to the reefs in winter time (June – August) In August to November you can witness the migration of my favorite animals, the humpback whales.
  • 7 Cascades hikes
  • Catamaran cruises ( best one is to ilot Gabriel) then you have (ile aux cerfs or ile aux benitiers)
  • le Morne mountain climbing – That view at the top is your reward
  • Diving ( do you have a licence, if not, you will have to do an initiation)
  • Canyoning – For the thrill seekers and nature lovers
  • Zipline ( few places you can do zipline) this will depend on your day and transport. I would recommend Domaine de l’etoile because of the huge park in a valley surrounded by mountains and the cool parcours
  • Sea plane tours at Le Morne or Seaplane tours at Grand Gaube – You can also be picked up anywhere at your hotel
  • Helicopter tours – Few options on tours and time available. Most popular is the “underwater waterfall” at Le Morne or the 1hr tour which goes to the northen islands
  • Skydive – Because you want some adrenaline and want to see Mauritius from up there


Some notes for your planning : If you have a week in Mauritius, I would recommend you to pick one or two of the top 5. Dolphin cruise/swim is very early in the morning  6am to 9am( because the dolphins leave for the open water after 10am) , so you can squeeze a trip to the south if you have a car or go to Casela. All dolphins cruise departs from the West coast, either Flic en flac, La Preneuse beach or Black River Jetty. Catamaran cruise is a full day activity with food and drinks provided. Le Morne is also an early morning activity, finishing around 11am.

Visit by season!

Whatever time of the year you visit, mauritius’ seasons are sure to put on a show!


Mauritius offers year-round holiday weather, with almost daily sunshine and limited rainfall, so you’re almost guaranteed a sunny day on your holiday. Winter months tend to be a little cooler, with temperatures ranging from high teens through to the late twenties between June and August. During the winter season, Mauritius is the perfect paradise for sailing and wind sport enthusiast with wind speeds averaging 27 kilometres/hour, especially in the east and south coast. Many kite boarders and wind surfers return annually to Le Morne for the flat shallow waters in the protected lagoon with plenty of wind. With calm shallow water extending our several hundred metres, Mauritius is perfect for the novice trying to learn to windsurf or kite surf

September through November are warmer months but everyone are kept cool by the welcome breezes. December through March tend to be the hottest months which makes swimming and ocean activities so refreshing.

Ile des deux cocos in MauritiusA warm time of the year with an average overnight temperature of 25oC and a daytime temperature average of 30oC. Traditionally it’s a very busy period for locals and visitors alike, with swimming, barbecues and water activities proving to be a popular pastimes. Summer maximum can reach as high as 33 to 35oC with an average of 80% humidity, so please be prepared.  It is the high season for cyclones, with cyclones mostly coming at this period of the year. Summer rain, most of the time going for an afternoon is quite normal but expect a few of them during this period.

This is the season that provides a transition from hot summer days to balmy blue skies with little wind and stunning days. It is often the most popular time of the year for visiting as a result. You will enjoy perfect fishing weather, clear water and we’d say it’s the ideal time for a family holiday and honeymoon.

Winter days can be sometime miserable with an average of 22oC. Mostly cloudy and consecutive rainy days. A great time for hiking and camping with waterfalls at their peak.  However, this is the whale season in full swing and they are along the west and north coast. Best season to see them. It is very windy along the east and south coast making it a mecca for kitesurfers. Regular waves from the south make it one of the best surfing holiday of the year. Waves reaching 6m high are often seen at the world renown spot of One Eye at le Morne.

Escaping the winter winds comes spring. Still windy in early September, the weather is sure to get better day by day with the average daytime temperature rising to an average 26oC. This period is notoriously dry and with low humidity.

What’s the weather like by season in Mauritius !

Weather in Mauritius by season