Underwater activities in Mauritius

White sandy beaches, profuse sunlight and occasional cool breezes to even out the scorch. Coastal Mauritius may well be the island’s most defining feature. That seems to be the consensus anyway, be it among locals or tourists. Here’s a little tip from a bunch of people with sandy feet: consider underwater activities. They will bring a totally new dimension to your appreciation of the Mauritian Coast and lagoons.

Snorkelling and diving for gung-ho underwater explorers!

If you wish to discover the underwater flora and fauna of Mauritius, snorkelling and diving are perfect! These activities will give you more time to appreciate the coral parks and bright-coloured fish that the marine area surrounding the island has to offer. People who enjoy swimming will find enjoyable snorkelling spots in the Northern Region of the island. Balaclava, Grand Baie, and Cap Malheureux are ideal places for snorkelling as well as for diving. If you wish to make your experience more singular, you will certainly wish to add a trip to Coin de Mire to your itinerary. Some marine animals you will be able to see while engaging in these activities are turtles, anemones, clownfish and barracudas.

Submarine trips: comfortable viewings of the undersea panorama

You want to explore the underwater panorama but don’t like snorkelling or diving so much? Have no fear, there are underwater activities that you can indulge in. The most popular are:

The Semi-Submarine Trip in the North
You will be able to admire underwater environment from the comfort of a vessel that is partly submerged into water. The semi-submarine is a boat with a glassed hull. It’s ideal for families, as children can enjoy it alongside their parents. The semi-submarine trip is available in the North of Mauritius, at Grand Bay. On this trip, you will be able to see turtles, extensive coral fields, and the fish that live in these fields.

The Submarine Trip
As the name suggests, this activity involves an underwater adventure in a fully immersed marine vessel. The submarine goes down to 35 metres under, so it gives you the possibility to see rarer and more exotic interactions of the fauna and flora. There are 2 options available: the grouped submarine trips, which are made with a maximum of 10 people, and the exclusive trips in which you have your own private submarine to share with a maximum of 5 friends or relatives.

Underwater sea walk

Last, but certainly not least is the underwater sea walk, which allows you to walk in the midst of the coral park. You do not have to be versed in snorkeling or diving to enjoy the underwater sea walk; you will be provided with a helmet that enables normal breathing. This gear is equipped with a glass visor, which enables the full visual appreciation and potential interaction with underwater life.

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