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Mauritius & Kitesurf: a haven for kitesurfers in the Indian Ocean

So, you’re into kitesurfing and surf and looking for new spots to test your skills? Mauritius has some spots you will definitely want to scratch off your bucket list. The island known for its white sandy beaches and azure waters, has become a prized spot for surfing and kitesurfing in the Indian Ocean. What’s more is that Mauritius has an abundance of flat water lagoons, and tropical weather conditions are perfect for surfing practically all year long. So, ready your boards, kites, harnesses and chicken loops, and get pumped for the ride!



Le Morne: the most familiar kitesurf spot in Mauritius

Let’s start with Le Morne, which has become the go-to place for surfers and kitesurfers who visit Mauritius. Located in the south of the island, Le Morne Cultural Landscape is UNESCO World Heritage site, with breath-taking beaches, lagoons and scenery. It is an ideal place for beginners as well as advanced kitesurfers. Its lagoons are versatile, which gives the possibility to practise jumps, getting thrilling air times, and even showing off your back mobes, if you wish!  The most popular sport in Le Morne is the public beach, which is a great spot for experienced surfers. There is also a quieter spot nestled just off the coast of Le Morne Village, which is colloquially known as Lover’s Point (Pointe d’Amour): it is a must for kitesurfers.



La Baie: fun spot for surfers in Tamarin

Tamarin, which is located in the Black River District, has a great beach and sea for all surfers. It is an ideal spot to surf at during weekdays, as it is not as crowded as during the weekends. It is a surf break, so you will be able to get some pretty decent barrels for your tube rides. La Baie is not an ideal spot for kitesurfing owing to its moderate winds.



Bel Ombre: tropical and contemporary, excellent for kitesurfers

Alright, Le Morne is a great kitesurf spot, but it’s not the be-all-and-end-all of kitesurfing spots in Mauritius.  Bel Ombre, which is also located in the southern region of Mauritius, is an ideal place for intermediate to advanced kitesurfers. The main reason for this is that the winds can be quite challenging closer to the shore. The winds steady out the further you get from the shore though. If you’re thinking of going there for a dawn patrol, be sure to get your fix of electrolytes and caffeine beforehand! Unlike Le Morne, Bel Ombre has quite a bit of commercial facilities such as restaurants and hotels. One the major advantages of Bel Ombre Beach is that it is not overpopulated with kite-aficionados. You’ll be able to kitesurf and surf without any kooks interfering with your skills there.



Anse La Raie is also worth a trip!

Let’s move to the North of the island, towards Anse La Raie Beach in Rivière du Rempart. Anse La Raie translates to “Cove of the Manta Ray”. Poetic name, right? You can almost picture the creatures gliding in the scintillating blue waters. Have no fear though, no manta rays will get in the way of your kitesurfing antics there. The winds there can be irregular, as it is way out of reach of the famous South-East Trade winds, but Anse La Raie is a decent spot for advanced surfers.